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Pancake and Pikelet Day!

Come One, Come All, to the Great, highly anticipated Genghiscon Event: Pancake and Pikelet Day

On Saturday, the Eighth of December, you can trade your ideas for your very own Pancake of Yumminess, cooked to your satisfaction, right in front of you. A pancake for every idea - insanity!

Better yet, if at Genghiscon you want to:
- be a panelist, on a panel in the program or a brand new idea
- run a game or help new gamers on Friday night
- Run a workshop to teach awesome new skills to people
- or be one of our greatly appreciated Minions, helping the make sure the con runs smoothly in return for our gratitude and high esteem
This is where you can volunteer and we can joyfully accept. Think of the benefits to your ego!

8 December 2012, 10am to 2pm

Kings Park, Synergy Park
Look for the Geeky people, settled near a BBQ, with a table full of pancake equipment.

Your ideas to exchange for yummy pancakes
Outdoor and/or board games to play

Geeky friends
Cooking disasters (it's just a flesh wound!)
People in aprons cooking for you
Outdoor gaming goodness
And of course, the heartwarming feeling of volunteering and supporting our community.