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GenghisCon 2016

The new GenghisCon Council meets this morning at 10.30 to set dates, venue, themes, etc.
Watch this space for more info and find us at Swancon over the Easter weekend to pre-purchase your membership for the next con :)


Who is answering the accommodation enquiries for 2015?

Genghis Con 2014 AGM

The Official Genghis Con AGM has been announced. Details are on this link


It will be held on Saturday, 25th of January. Again, please check the link for details.

Panel Additions

Dear Genghis Conners.

We are still seeking panel ideas and hosters to help flesh out Genghis Con 2014 even more!

Applications are still being accepted, just follow these few quick and easy steps and you can share your passions and things that you feel could contribute to anyone and everyone.

- Your name, and the names of anybody else hosting with you
- Your contact details
- The name and theme of your panel
- The space, or kit needed to run your panel, and
- Your preferred timeslot.

Panels can be run about anything, from science to science fiction, history to literature, fandoms to music, superheroes to saints. Anything interesting enough to fill an hour or so with fascinating information is a-ok!

Please contact us though this email;


Bunnings Sausage Sizzle!

To help keep the price of the convention down, we are hosting a sausage sizzle at Bunnings Home Base, Subiaco.

9am till 4pm, Saturday 14th December is the date you want to head on over and have some lunch, talk with friends and grab your membership and accommodation forms that will be available for all.

Buy a sausage, help Genghis Con! We hope to see you there

GenghisCon Committee

Hi everyone,

We'll be back at Reading Belmont for our last screening before SwanCon!

Here is the details:

A small-time magician arrives in an enchanted land and is forced to decide if he will be a good man or a great one.

Trailer: http://youtu.be/DylgNj4YQVc

Time: TBC
Date: Friday 08 March 2013
Where: Belmont Reading Cinemas, Belmont
Tickets: $13 concession and $15 standard
RSVP: Send us an e-mail at screenings2014@genghiscon.org BEFORE 4PM Thursday.


Hi every one,

If you've ever considered running for NAFF, now might be the time! This
year the Natcon is Conflux at the Rydges in Canberra on the 25-28th of

NAFF contributes the cost of your traveling arrangements, your hotel room,
and your convention pass. In return you need to be your fannish self and
meet people, make friends and have a good time. Other duties will include
writing a trip report, becoming an Administrator for the fund and
fundraising to ensure the fund's continued survival.

If you'd like to nominate, there's  $20 bond, and you need to find three
fans to nominate you. You will also need to send me a 100 word bio on
yourself, describing what you would bring to the convention, and some of
your fannish history.

For the forms, and more information, click the link below.



Voting will open on the 18th of Fenbruary and close on the Monday the 1st
of April, 2013, the last day of Swancon.

Please do re-post this email to make sure the info gets out far and wide.

Thank you all!
Cheshire Noir: One Dark Kitten.

The Hobbit (2D) Screening

Hey guys!

This is it, the movie of the year!

Genghiscon is running a screening of The Hobbit on the 27th December, and we want you to invite all your friends!

This is definitely a movie to see with like-minded people, and at a low price! Also, one lucky viewer will receive a very Hobbitton prize!

What: The Hobbit (2D)
When: 27th December
Time: TBA
Where: Reading Cinemas Belmont, 237 Knutsford Ave, Cloverdale
Price: $12 concession, $15 standard.
RSVP: screenings2013@genghiscon.org

Invite your friends! The movie of the year! Hobbittttttssssss!

Pancake and Pikelet Day!

Come One, Come All, to the Great, highly anticipated Genghiscon Event: Pancake and Pikelet Day

On Saturday, the Eighth of December, you can trade your ideas for your very own Pancake of Yumminess, cooked to your satisfaction, right in front of you. A pancake for every idea - insanity!

Better yet, if at Genghiscon you want to:
- be a panelist, on a panel in the program or a brand new idea
- run a game or help new gamers on Friday night
- Run a workshop to teach awesome new skills to people
- or be one of our greatly appreciated Minions, helping the make sure the con runs smoothly in return for our gratitude and high esteem
This is where you can volunteer and we can joyfully accept. Think of the benefits to your ego!

8 December 2012, 10am to 2pm

Kings Park, Synergy Park
Look for the Geeky people, settled near a BBQ, with a table full of pancake equipment.

Your ideas to exchange for yummy pancakes
Outdoor and/or board games to play

Geeky friends
Cooking disasters (it's just a flesh wound!)
People in aprons cooking for you
Outdoor gaming goodness
And of course, the heartwarming feeling of volunteering and supporting our community.


Joy of joys! You can now book accommodation! *flails like Kermit*

Just go here, http://2013.genghiscon.org/?page_id=178 and follow the directions!