GenghisCon: Braving New Worlds

11-13 January 2013

Genghis Con
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Geek Convention
Accommodation is here! Deadline is midnight on the 11th December! Go here: http://2013.genghiscon.org/?page_id=178

We'd also like to thank our Quiz Night Sponsors. Go check them out here: http://2013.genghiscon.org/?page_id=134

GenghisCon in an Annual Convention of Fun and Games held in Perth, Western Australia.
GenghisCon is run by a non-for-profit Committee to promote fun and enjoyment throughout the year.
The Annual Conventions is a three day event held with accommodation and run a Panel/Discussion Stream, Local Film Stream, Games Stream, Workshop Stream and has events going constantly to keep everyone happy :)

Join in the GenghisCon Community either as a Member, Organiser, or even Sponsor the Convention if you are a Company (we are always looking for prizes)

If you would like to Support GenghisCon we are also running several fund raising events or items throughout the year to make the 2013 Convention bigger and better than ever. We sell fund raising Chocolates, Voucher Books, Movie Screenings and have Games Days.

GenghisCon 2012/2013 has been Themed:
Braving New Worlds

Events planned so far:
Annual Convention: 11th-13th January, Trinity Residential College
Quiz Night: 21st September
Movie Screenings: THE HOBBIT, 27th December
Panel Discussion BBQ's Pancake Day, Synergy Park, Kings Park, 8th December
Panel Recruitment Events (to be announced)
Open Programming Meetings (to be announced)
Many Social Activities (arranged as they arrive)

For more information check out the website:
and check out the forums:
and Facebook
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and sign-up for the mailing lists! (Email us at gcon2013 [at] gmail [dot] com).